When not to clean your rugs.

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our phone rings, we chat with the customer and with any luck book another customer for our environmentally friendly residential or commercial carpet cleaning.  Nine times out of ten the client we get needs their carpet cleaned, but occasionally we run across a situation where cleaning the carpet just doesn’t make sense.  As professional carpet cleaners we have an obligation to our customers.  An obligation to tell them that maybe they shouldn’t get the carpets cleaned.   Sounds like a contradiction in terms but sometimes rather than just clean the carpets and walk away with our customer’s money we have to stop and say no.

We have a great number of repeat clients, a fact we take great pride in.  With residential clients, given normal day to day activity and life around the house, we recommend that they have their carpets cleaned annually.  Rarely do most of our clients need their carpets cleaned more often than once a year, so when a client calls us back in three to four months to clean her carpets again, we wondered, but assumed that she had something going on at the house and wanted the carpets freshened up, even though they looked good when we got there, we cleaned them.  When she called again three months later to have us clean her carpets again, well, the red flags naturally went up.  When we got to her home and the carpets were clean and in great shape, those red flags went right to the top of the flag pole.  I talked to about needing the carpets cleaned and in the course of our conversation found out that she was on disability for a bad back and was bored and had nothing to do all day, because she couldn’t move around much because of here injury.  Turns out she would lay of the sofa and look at the carpets and after a few months decided she needed them cleaned again.    I told her not to spend the money, that the carpets were fine and left.  She has stayed a customer for years, but now we only clean once a year.


Apartment Living Room

Apartment Living Room

We work with a number of real estate investors who purchase, fix up and then sell or rent houses in the Edmonton area.  Often the homes are in rough shape and need a fair amount of TLC to get them ready.  Dirty windows need a thorough washing and they look great, dirty, dungy walls need a good bright coat of paint and they are just like new.  Floors, and carpets in particular ore not like that.  The longer a stain stays in a carpet the harder it is to get out.  Stairs not only get dirty they get worn down from all the feet that step on the same spot every time someone goes up or down.  Liquids like coffee, coke, or pet urine spilled on older carpet usually soaks through to the underlay leaving a smell as well as a stain.  Finally wear and tear from constant use and neglect often ruins a carpet.   We get called in to see if we can salvage a carpet and get it clean enough to make it livable.  We assess the carpet and let the owner know if cleaning the carpet is a waste of time and money.  It is a service we provide to all our customers whether they ask for it or not.


We get calls all the time about flood damage, and we end up saying no more often for this type of customer than any other.  This is pretty simple, if you have a flood because of rain water or perhaps your hot water tank ruptured, we can clean your carpets.  But, if you have been flooded, or the sewer backs up, then there is nothing we can or will do.  Whether you have insurance or not, if sewage or flood water soaks your carpet it needs to be replaced.  Even if it dries out and looks good, it still needs to be replaced.  Your underlay as well as the carpet will be soaked with bacteria, fungus and all kinds of nasty things.  Get rid of the carpet and the underlay.  No truly professional carpet cleaning service will simply clean your sewage soaked carpet and tell you it’s clean.


These are just a few of the scenarios we come across in our day to day operations where we think it best not to clean your carpets.


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