Warning! How not to use a DIY Carpet Cleaner.

There are three types of people out there when it comes to carpet cleaning. 

The First type are people who get on the phone and hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the work. These people need or want the work done but don’t want to do it themselves.  They are willing to pay a professional carpet cleaner to come in and do the work.

The second type is the Do It Yourself kind.  The DIY guy likes to get his or her hands dirty.  They love to tackle a problem and fix it themselves.  These are the kind of people that own every tool in the book, including a carpet cleaning machine and relish the idea of getting that carpet cleaned their way.

The third type is the guy that’s trying to save some money by doing it all him or herself.  These are the people who think by renting a machine, and doing it themselves they will save lots of money.

Today and next week I want to talk to all the Number Threes out there.  Number One is the guy I like the best and when he calls to have his carpet professionally cleaned, he’s not only getting all our years of experience  and knowledge, he’s also getting our guarantee. 

The second type, the DIY guys are going to clean the carpet themselves no matter what!  So for you guys I say go for it and if you have any questions call me, I’d be happy to offer tips and advice.  But number three that’s the guy that can go either way, he can get it done and done well, save a little money and earn bragging rights.  He can also be the guy that ruins his carpet, wrecks the underlay or subfloor, spends more money than he would have by hiring a professional carpet cleaner, and often has to call us anyway to fix the problem he just created.

So for Number Three here are a couple of things you should know before you rent a carpet cleaning machine, and a couple of things you need to do to ensure that you not only clean your carpets properly, but will help keep you from wrecking it and other things in the house if you do it wrong.  Number Two’s you pay attention as well, just because you like doing it yourself doesn’t mean you know how.

Let’s start with picking up the cleaning machine.  Does it fit in your car?  Can you lift it into the trunk or the back seat?  If not, don’t rent a van, that kind of defeats the cost saving part of the do it yourself idea, call a friend with a bigger car or a van.  The machines aren’t that big, but they are bulky in some instances and can be hard to lift.  Make sure you have help if you think it will be hard to transport.  Remember, if you drop it on the driveway and break it, you will have to pay for it, and they are not cheap to replace.  Make sure you can get the machine to and from the rental store.  Sounds silly to say it, but you’d be surprised how many people can’t pick up the machine because their car is too small, or they can’t lift the machine.


Next week we’ll talk about using the machine in the home or office and what to look for…

Thanks for listening






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