Six things to know when choosing your next Carpet Cleaning Company.

With spring just around the corner, believe it or not, it is time to sit down and talk about what you should expect from your professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional carpet cleaners come in all sizes, shapes, abilities and professionalism, and not all are created equal.  Even so, once a professional carpet cleaner steps through your door, you should be able to expect a couple of things, no matter who they are.



The tech who walks into your house should know what they are doing.  They should have enough knowledge to work on any problem you have without damaging your carpets or other possessions.  If the tech tells you that this is their first cleaning job, reschedule.  Rookies should have an experienced cleaner with them to ensure the job is done correctly.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you know your carpet better than anyone.



Although we are one that does, not all companies require their techs to wear a uniform.  But if the carpet cleaners you hired show up in a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in a week, I personally would be more than a little bit concerned about their professionalism.  You are paying good money to have your carpets cleaned and the company that doesn’t worry about how it presents itself to its customers probably thinks the same thing about their work.

Don’t be afraid to send the cleaners back to where they came from if you don’t like what you see.



In the House…

How the techs treat you and your possessions is extremely important.  Do they take care when they bring in their equipment?  Do they have indoor shoes to walk around your house in?  Is their equipment clean and in good working order?  Do they move furniture or not?

Make sure you know when you schedule an appointment what to expect from the techs while they work.



No matter how well trained the technicians are, occasionally something goes wrong with the cleaning.  A stain may resurface, the traffic lane still looks dull, it could be anything.  How does you cleaning company handle these problems?  Do the book a return trip to fix the problem right away?  Do they argue and tell you they can’t get at it for another month?  Do they even answer the phone when you call back?

Ensure you know what their guarantee is and if they will back it if necessary.



There a great many variations on pricing that service companies use.  Some like us by square foot cost, some by room cost some by hourly rates.  The one thing all reputable cleaning companies have in common is that they tell you the full cost up front.  Some companies will tack on disposal fees and environmental fee’s, some pay their techs on a commission basis, so they will push to have you pay for extras, many of which you don’t need.

Ensure you ask what kind of payment they accept and how the price out the job, before you let them in to clean.



This last one seems so simple doesn’t it?  Ask questions, research the company and ask questions.  Yet time after time we have people call us and never even ask about cost, they simply book an appointment and wait for us to show up.  Don’t do that!  If you call us, or any other cleaner, they should be able to answer any and all questions.  If they can’t or won’t answer questions, maybe you should move on to the next choice.

Always ask questions and make sure you understand the answers.


Thanks for listening.





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