Removing the winter-time smells from your home.

Don’t let this short bout of warm weather in January fool you, the winters in Edmonton can be long and cold, and often going from October to April seems to last a lifetime. Aside from all the other problems that can arise from the cold weather there is one that is often overlooked and can go relatively unnoticed by homeowners for long periods of time.  When you finally notice this particular problem it has often become hard to fix.

In the cold weather we tend to keep our doors and windows shut for most of if not all of the winter. The problem with that is all those smells generated in the house start to make our home smell.  Often we aren’t even aware of the smell, we become nose blind to the odors that permeate the house.  Cooking smells, pet smells, that hockey equipment left in the duffel bag in the spare room for a week.  There are a thousand different contributors to the smells, and most of the time it happens so subtly that you aren’t even aware there is a problem, but anyone entering your house will notice it right away.  Whether they are friends over for a drink, family coming to stay for a few days, prospective clients to your home based business, or even buyers when you list your house for sale.  People notice harsh odors right away, as soon as they open the door the smell hits them.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned goes a long way to helping combat odor in your home, especially if your carpet cleaner, like EKO, is using an odor free cleaner. Unfortunately for us most people don’t want their carpets cleaned weekly, so there are a number of ways for you to help reduce the odors in your home.  Most of these are simple, easy to do, yet most people fail to even think about this problem, and fewer still do anything about it.

First of all, pick a day to air out the house, maybe on a week day when everyone is gone to school or work, maybe, like my wife on Saturday when we do our weekly cleaning. Pick whatever time works for you and open windows on every floor to air out the house.  Be sure to open more than one window as you need to allow the air to flow through the building. Make sure that you turn you furnace down as you don’t want to be wasting heat.  You only need the windows open for an hour or so, but make sure you do it regularly.

Don’t use cleaners with harsh chemicals, use something that is odor free. When EKO Carpet and Upholstery Care professionally cleans your carpets we use a product that is odor free.  You should be thinking the same thing for all your cleaning products.  Many of the big box stores carry natural cleaning products, so finding one that’s right for your home won’t be too hard.

Miele vacuumBuy a good vacuum. Many odors are caused by things we leave behind.  This is especially true of pets.  Pet dander and hair, can not only cause allergies, but left alone can eventually make the room smelly.  A good vacuum, I personally like Miele or Dyson, will pick up most of the dander and hair, help you breathe easier and keep the pet smell in check.  Remember, whatever model of vacuum you get, ensure it has a HEPA filter.

I don’t recommend that you try to mask smells, but if you think you should one of the best ways is to put a dryer sheet in the hot air vents in your floor. Use either a scented sheet or add a dab of liquid air freshener to the sheet.  This will help push the air freshener throughout the house.

These are pretty simple, common sense ideas but often people don’t think of doing anything more than hooking up an air freshener to the wall socket and calling it a day.

Take a little time to clean up the odors in your home and being nose blind won’t mean a thing.

Thanks for listening.



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