Picking the right spot cleaner.

I was talking to a customer today and she asked me a question about spot cleaners.  After I finished talking with her I wondered how many other people have the same question.  What she wanted to know was if she was using the right spot cleaner to clean up small stains around the house and if not, what the best one to use was?

When I thought about what she asked me I realized that we do get asked that same question over and over again.  So I thought I would answer that one in print.

Stain removal techniques - Lemon and salt bag 2

First of all as you know we use an all-natural carpet and upholstery cleaner and if you have read any of these blogs you know that is our first and only choice for cleaners of any kind.  So first and foremost I recommend that any cleaner you use is made from natural products.

For pet stains and odor use a cleaner that contains enzymes.  Pet stains smell because bacteria eats the urine crystals and that is why they can off gas for up to 5 years. I know, scary isn’t it?  Specially formulated enzyme cleaners will destroy the urine crystals and if the bacteria has no crystals to eat they die off and no smell.  Note that there are different types of enzyme cleaners, and the one for cleaning your hot tub won’t work for the dog’s pet stain.   Pet stores and vets can help you with the right one.

Now that the smell is gone all you have left is the stain.  Whether it is a pet stain, a wine or coffee stain, there are a million different stain removers out there.  Which one do you use?

First of all, stop researching on the internet for the best stain remover.  Every person has a different opinion and as far as they are concerned theirs is the right one, and I am no different.

When people ask me which is the best stain remover to use, I always ask them if they have one and do they like the way it works.  If so my answer to their question is to keep using that one.  If it works, if they like the results, if it does what they want and they like the smell or after effects, then continue to use it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Now if you’re not happy with your current spot cleaner then my advice is to find a natural spot cleaner.  Again there are a million of them out there and almost every big box store in town carries natural cleaners. 

Remember, no matter what anyone says, no matter who tells you the spot cleaner you’re using is not as good as the one they use, if you’re happy with it, don’t switch.


Thanks for listening.


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