Our First Blog

We are a green company.  Now what does that mean?  Is our equipment colored green?  Is our paperwork green?  Well yes but not quite by design.  Are our uniforms green?  No.  What we are is a company that understands that being green is the wave of the future.  Being a green, environmentally conscious company was more a business decision than anything else.  We understand that people just like us do not want harsh chemicals or soaps and oils left in their carpets and furniture.  So green seemed like the logical choice.  In our case our business decision was aligned with our environmental ideas and feelings. 

On our street most of our neighbours have one or maybe two blue bags out for pick up on garbage day.  We will usually have three or more.  It’s not that we have more stuff or create more garbage; it is because we are diligent in separating and collecting our recyclable products.  As a member of the Canadian military I was stationed in Europe for several years back in the eighties, yes I am old, and even then the Europeans were recycling and practicing good environmental habits.  We started to recycle and learned a bit about helping the environment and have always maintained those ideas back in Canada. 

So when I went into business for myself, that’s the first thing I did was to ensure that it was as green as possible.  Not everything we use is natural; some problems need a little extra strength to be used.  But we don’t run gas/diesel engines out of our vans for two or three hours at a time while cleaning, we use electricity, and we try to be as gentle on the environment as possible.

So when you hear me say we are a “green Company” you have an idea of just why we call ourselves that, and I will no doubt expand on this idea in later articles.

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