Leslie Ritchie – Ronald Macdonald House

 November 24, 2015


Unless you live in a dirt floored hut in the forest you have carpeting somewhere in your home and as much as you try to protect and care for said carpet there will always be something or someone who will make it dirty.

 From dogs to shoes, from soda to upset tummies my carpet has seen the gambit. If you are anything like me it is easier ignore the spills, stains, and general wear and tear because having in a carpet cleaner is a daunting task. How much will they charge, will they judge my carpets, will they want all the furniture moved, will they charge for all the little extras, these are some of the questions that run like a continual loop in my head when I think of carpet cleaning but when EKO Carpet came to my house all of those questions and worries went away. Jordan from EKO put all my fears to rest as he came in and explained and answered all my questions. After a quick look around the area that needed cleaning (our whole upstairs and stairs) Jordan let us know upfront what the cost would be (very reasonably priced compared to all other cleaners) and what the process was going to look like.

 While most cleaners have tubes and hoses running from their trucks EKO has self-contained equipment and solutions that they bring directly into your home, this is an added bonus as we didn’t have to worry about any pets escaping from the house. Jordan worked quickly and efficiently and he was done before we knew it. One of the best things about using EKO is that our carpets were dry within hours. No steamy windows, no fans blowing of the carpet, no soaking wet socks for days! The carpets looked amazing even when damp but the real test came the next morning in the daylight. Our carpets were gleaming! Can you even say that about carpets?!? My children can’t stop commenting on how soft they feel to bare feet and my husband and I are over the moon with how clean they have come.

 If you are looking for your one and only greener cleaner carpet cleaner look no further than EKO!!!


 Leslie Ritchie

Ronald McDonald House Charities® Northern Alberta


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