Kids are so much fun…..

 As professional carpet cleaners we get a number of calls every week from people who have just had a bottle of wine spill on their cream coloured carpet, their basement just flooded, someone knocked over a can of paint or some other catastrophe has just happened. While most of these problems are caused by adults, with husbands and pets rank right up there in the accident prone department, some of the best calls I get are about children. When it comes to stains, kids are still number one!

There are the usual messes kids make that we see almost every day. Juice, orange and grape are especially common, chocolate milk, coke, mud, dirt ink and grease are standard stains we see all the time. But children are extremely energetic and inventive and left to their own devices they manage to find ways to make life very interesting. Turn your back for just a moment or two and they will find ways to keep themselves occupied. As professional carpet cleaners here in Edmonton we have seen many instances of this, and on numerous occasions we have had to clean carpets and upholstery that some child has found interesting.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

On a Thursday I received a call from a real estate agent who asked if we could remove crayon stains from carpets. She was very agitated because the house was showing that Saturday and the owner’s children had marked the upstairs carpets with crayon. I went to the home the next day to clean the stains, thinking that it would take about an hour. What the agent had failed to mention was that the children, all three of them, had decided to use the upstairs hallway and bedrooms as a drawing board. The marks and drawing went ten feet down the hallway and into two rooms. Some of the pictures were pretty good. I really liked the one of the moon and stars, but the palm trees were nice as well. Thankfully the parents had purchased washable ink markers and although they are not always as washable as they advertise they do clean up well and a great deal of the stains came out with our regular carpet cleaning process. I still had three hours of stain removal left to finish taking out all of the stains, but in the end the house was ready for the showing.

While removing the beds in their children’s bedrooms in preparation for us to come and clean their carpets, a young father found out where his son deposited his popsicles when he didn’t want to finish them. Of course the ones he didn’t like were purple and green. We were not sure how many he had stashed under the bed, it was a hot summer, but it took almost two hours to get out all those dye stains. Needless to say that popsicles were eaten in the kitchen from that time on.

My favorite story concerns a bottle of glitter nail polish and two sisters. The older sister had convinced her parents that she should have her very own bedroom and they agreed, installing her in a newly renovated bedroom in the basement. As young teen girls do, she used the top of her dresser as a repository for all her makeup, including one new, full bottle of blue glitter nail polish. After only one night in her new room the older sister went to school and the younger of the two decided to visit her sister’s new bedroom and there she found the bottle of nail polish.

Nail Polish 2

Nail Polish1








It took a while, but we managed to get the stain out.

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