Home Remedy’s

There are a great many professional carpet cleaners in Edmonton, and when it comes to cleaning all the carpets in your home you should call a professional. But what about all the little stuff, the coffee spills, pet stains, dropped juice boxes, and the rest of the stuff that happens during day to day living? For the minor spills, there are a number of home cleaning solutions that are not only effective but can also help save you money.

The internet is filled with a carpet cleaning tips, upholstery cleaning tips, etc., tips to help clean up all those daily living spills and accidents. What is the best remedy for wine? What is best way to get nail polish out of you daughter’s carpet? With very few exceptions what you can find on line, either on professional carpet cleaners websites, Google searches or YouTube are tried and true methods that work. Remember that most home remedies work because people have been using them and perfecting them for years, and now with a click of the mouse you can find them at your fingertips.

Which remedy should you use? The simple answer is to find one you are comfortable in using, one that isn’t too complicated and uses easy to find ingredients. First test the remedy in an inconspicuous place, like the inside of a closet, to ensure that if you mix it wrong, it won’t damage the carpet. Don’t test it in a noticeable spot like the middle of the room or in front of the sofa. Once you are comfortable using the home made cleaner and it cleans to your satisfaction then you can use it every time you get a spot or stain on the carpet and you don’t need to go out and buy some chemical laden cleaner or something you saw on TV. Most of the day to day stuff can be cleaned with products you usually have around the house, peroxide, vinegar and water, etc.

I recommend that you try You Tube when looking for a DYI solution for stain removal. There is literally hundreds of You Tube Video’s out there showing you how to clean stains and problem areas on the carpet. With You Tube you can follow step by step instructions, see how it is done and see the results before you try it yourself.

So the next time you spill some red wine at one of those wild parties you always throw, or the kids drop a glass of chocolate milk on the way to the sofa, have a look on line and there is usually a handy cost effective way to clean the problem. Remember that most Professional carpet cleaners are usually eager to help you with advice so don’t hesitate to call us.

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