Helping your carpets survive the wet weather.

Wow, that first weekend in August was something else.  Anyone else get caught at Heritage days in the rainstorm on Saturday?  My buddy was volunteering at the Malaysian pavilion and I agreed to help him out.  We were on our way to the park when the rain started.  We talked about turning back but we had given our word to help so despite the rain on we went.

I was astounded at one point by a lady in a pair of open toed, shiny gold coloured sandals.  I watched her walk across a huge area filled with mud and not get one speck on her or her sandals.  It was amazing.  I, on the other hand was covered in mud.  I had spots and splashes of mud up and down my pants, and my shoes were totally covered.

How many times during the spring, summer and fall has a pair of muddy, wet boots made its way into your home and usually all over your entrance mat or carpet?  If you live in a condo or apartment, chances are you’ve had mud from the entrance to the elevator and halfway down the hall.

Mud usually dries enough to sweep or vacuum up, but many times, depending on what was mixed in with the mud; clay, oil or even pet poop, it can sometimes be very difficult to clean.  

Here are a few tips to remember when the mud, dirt, and other more noxious substances get dragged onto your entrance mats and area rugs.

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1. Let it dry.  Let the dirt and mud dry before cleaning it off.  If you try and vacuum or brush off mud or other wet substances they will often smudge and create a much bigger problem.


2. Try and find mats that you can put in the washing machine.  Smaller floor mats and kitchen mats don’t always fill the space the way you want, but if you’re concerned with cleaning them then find one that will fit into your washing machine.  If it won’t fit in your washing machine most coin laundries have large enough machines to fit your mat/rug.


3. Bath mats, kitchen mats and entrance mats can be washed but you must be careful about drying them.  If there is rubber backing on the mat DON”T put it in the dryer!  The heat from the dryer with wreck the rubber backing and cause it to peel.  Not only does this remove the usefulness of the rubber, but it can disintegrate into a million little pieces that will make a royal mess in your dryer.

These are just a few quick easy tips to make life a little easier to clean up.


Thanks for listening.


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