Flood damage to carpets and upholstery

That title is a mouthful.  In fact when they teach you about writing a blog that long titles tend to put people off.   They won’t read the blog if the title isn’t small and snappy or a list of seventeen reasons why you should or shouldn’t do something.

Well this time I will have to step outside the box for a minute because what I want to talk about today is flood or water damage on your upholstery, or your carpet.  Spring is just around the corner, believe it or not, and with all the freeze and thaw that goes on in spring many of us end up battling water damage.

There are a number of different ways to get water damage in your home.  You get your regular old flood of water from the river or the lake, you can have the sewer back up, ground water seepage, rain or snow leaking through the roof.  You think of a way and it can happen.

At EKO Carpet and Upholstery care, we often get calls, especially in the springtime, about cleaning up after a flood.   Usually the insurance company lets you look for someone to clean, and then pays the bills.  So people call us looking to see what options they have.

First of all, if it’s a flood, or sewer back up you can’t get it cleaned.  If your carpet is covered in sewer water or flood water it’s a health hazard, rip it out and throw it away.  The same goes for your upholstery and area rugs.

Area Rug

Area Rug

There may be some specialty company out there that can clean and sanitize your Aunt Mable’s 100 year old antique chair, I don’t know about that, but I know I sure can’t clean it, and wouldn’t even try.  The stuffing, underlay, stitching everything will be saturated with sewage.  Just throw it out.

If the hot water tank leaks or the roof leaks, then we can help out.  If your carpet gets soaked we recommend that you pull it up and replace the underlay.  The underlay is a big sponge and it will stay wet for quite some time and there is always a possibility of mold, so best to stay safe and remove it.  Once the new underlay is down and the carpet replaced, then we can clean it properly.

This is true for your upholstery as well.  If it gets saturated then companies like us can clean the upholstery but we won’t get into the six inch foam cushions.  If it is clean water then the foam can be dried and the upholstery cleaned, but if it has an odor or the water was not clean, then the best option is to replace.


Thanks for listening.


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