Doing the little things.

April 14 2017 Edmonton Alberta

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about this week until I woke up this morning and looked out the window.  All that snow falling made me think of the problems faced by our technicians when we have to clean carpets and upholstery during inclement weather.  I mean all that slush and snow out there can cause some problems both for the technicians and the client, if the job isn’t thought out ahead of time and the proper procedures used.  So I thought I would talk a bit about how we manage these kinds of problems and what the client should look for and expect from a professional carpet cleaner.




Little things are important, especially when working in a customer’s house.  It’s their home, and they want the same care that they take in the house used by the carpet cleaners.  AT EKO we wear crocs inside the house so that we don’t leave dirt and mud on the hard surface floors.  Some companies use booties but we find a second pair of shoes more effective.  We could go in our sock feet, but socks can get wet and we end up leaving footprints on the hard surface floors.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but once we leave the last thing we want is the customer forced to clean up behind us.  They will remember that our techs left a mess and that will factor in to their thought process the next time they want their carpets cleaned.

The same thinking has us laying down a drop cloth on the floor underneath our cleaning machines.  Because we are an environmentally friendly carpet cleaner we use portable machines that we bring inside your home.  To ensure that any accidents or spillage isn’t left behind when we leave, we put down the drop cloth.  When the tech is finished they will wipe down the hard surface floor back to the door to ensure that other than a clean carpet no trace of us is left behind.

I mentioned earlier that we use portable equipment, and that allows us to come inside the residence, whether it is a house an apartment or a condo.  Many other companies use truck mounted equipment and must drag hoses in through an open door or window and pull the hose throughout the home.  Not only does this mean that a door or window has to be open during the cleaning, despite the weather, but whatever the hose picks up outside will end up inside the house.

As a green carpet cleaning company one of the areas that helps us and the customer quite a bit is that we have no dumping fee, no disposal fee and we do not require the use anything other than electricity from the customer.

These can seem like small often inconsequential things, but when something goes wrong the customer is the first to be inconvenienced. That being said, the more you deal with and anticipate the little things the happier the customer will be, and no matter how good a job you do, if you upset or inconvenience the customer, chances are they won’t be your customer next time.


Thanks for listening.


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