Commercial carpet cleaning

One of the things I don’t talk about very often is commercial carpet cleaning.  Most of our customers require residential carpet cleaning so usually I focus my efforts in that direction.  However I think it’s the right time of the year to talk about commercial carpet cleaning.  Fall is almost here and winter is skulking around the corner waiting for its turn to hit us.

Most commercial spaces, if they get carpet cleaning at all, tend to have the work done in the springtime.  They wait until the winter mess is gone and then get their carpets cleaned.  For some places this works well if there is very little foot traffic on a daily basis, but for very public places, stores, condo buildings, large office buildings once a year is usually not enough.


When the volume of foot traffic is significant, we recommend that the carpets are cleaned twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.  The reasons are twofold, the first one is simple maintenance of an asset.  It helps keep the carpet clean, helps reduce the wear and tear on the carpet and helps reduce odours in the workspace.  The second reason is staff morale.  Your employees want to work in a clean, neat workplace.  If there are stains on the carpet, if the carpets have an odour, if they look messy, it can and does impact staff morale.  Coming to work and stepping onto a dingy, dirty carpet is not a fun thing.  It constantly amazes me that employers and office managers will budget for janitorial services, but not for carpet cleaning.  No matter how clean your desk or work area is, if you’re looking at and working on a dirty stained carpet, it will affect your morale.

Not only that but when all natural Hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions, like the ones used by EKO Carpet and Upholstery Care, the workplace environment is healthier.  Removing the deeply imbedded dust and dirt help make the carpet healthier, and with all the chemicals and junk we carry in on our shoes day in and day out, it helps remove many of the allergens in the workplace.



A clean well cared for carpet is as important to your business as is keeping the rest of your work space or retail space clean and neat.  Customers take seconds to form an opinion of you and your business when they walk through the door.  Staff morale can be aversely affected by a dirty, unkempt work area.  So remember that commercial carpet cleaning in the workplace is good for both sales and the wellbeing of your employees.


Thanks for listening.


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