Cleaning your RV before heading out.

Canada day 2017.  Happy 150th Birthday Canada!  This year the Government has stopped charging for the use of Canada’s National Parks and so I bet the parks are going to get a lot of use this year.  Over this long weekend alone imagine all the people sitting around a campfire, listening to the sounds of the forest, staring into the vastness of the night sky.  On Monday and the end of the long weekend everyone will bring their RV’s home, leave them parked in the heat and forget about them until the next time they want to head out.  How many of you have opened the door to your RV to get it loaded and been floored by the smell and the dirt.  Smoke from the campfires, smell of garbage that sat inside for the long weekend, sand from the beach ground into the carpet, that musty smell from the wet towels sitting on the carpet for a day. 

RV’s like any other toy needs to be looked after constantly.  You not only have to make sure that all the mechanical parts are working properly you must also ensure that the living spaces are clean and ready to accommodate you and your family.

Either before the season starts, or after the season ends, have your travel RV cleaned.  You can clean the washroom and the kitchen yourself, and get the windows bug free enough to see out of.  What you need a professional like EKO carpet and Upholstery Care for is to clean the upholstery the carpets and the mattresses.

With all the things that can soil your RV an annual cleaning is a must.

The carpets have dirt, twigs, sand and much more ground into them, pets often travel with their families and if you are one of those pet owners, you can pretty much guarantee that your pet has soiled the carpet.  If you don’t get that stain out not only is it unhealthy but the smell in small heated metal box can be overwhelming.

Your upholstery has the same problem as the carpet.  The level of staining and soiling can be very high and if you don’t clean the upholstery regularly it will look and smell dirty, and will wear out much sooner.

One of the most over looked items to have cleaned are mattresses.  We clean the sheets, and covers, sometimes even drag the mattress outside and “air them out”.  What few people ever have done is to have them cleaned professionally.

Next time you are thinking of getting the RV or trailer ready to take the family out to enjoy this great country of ours, spend some time and have it cleaned professionally.


I encourage everyone who can to get out and visit some of our fantastic National parks and enjoy this great country of ours.


Happy Birthday Canada!!

Canadian flag

Canadian flag

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