Cleaning Tips for 2018

Christmas is over, and all the relatives and friends have gone back home. The New Year’s celebrations have ended and next week the kids are back in school, so now it’s time to straighten up the mess around the house and get everything back to normal.
This time of year few get a great deal of phone calls from people who have questions about cleaning some part of the carpet or upholstery. They are not sure if they should call us, as professional carpet cleaners in to fix the problem or if they can handle it themselves. Because we get so many of these calls, I thought it would be worthwhile revisiting some of the tips we have passed on in other blog posts.

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1. Spot Machines

Invest in a small spot cleaning machine. There are a number out there on the market that work quite well, find on in the right price range for you, and keep it handy. Spot machines are invaluable because they can be used on upholstery, carpet, car interiors and even mattresses. If you don’t have one and you have kids, pets, lots of friends over go get one.

2. Stains
Coffee, coke, tea, wine, pet “accidents” and a host of other things constantly find their way onto the carpets and the upholstery. Here are a couple of simple rules for cleaning. Do not press down on the stain to dry it up. Trying to pick up the stain by pressing down on it with a cloth will push the stain deeper into the carpet and the underlay. It will spread the stain wider and deeper, making it impossible to remove. Instead dab at the stain from the outside pushing it in towards the middle. That way you can contain the stain and pick up much more if it with the cloth. Then if you can’t get rid of all of the stain, lay a wet cloth of over top and let it dry. As the cloth dries it will help pull up the rest of the stain.
If you have a spot machine you don’t need to use a cloth to dab it up, use the vacuum function on the spot machine and then clean with the cleaning solution you use in it.


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3. Cleaning solutions

Professional cleaners have access to a variety of professional grade cleaners, however a great many of them are made with chemicals and can leave some residue in your carpet or upholstery. At EKO we use an all-natural cleaner that won’t leave any chemicals behind. While it is a professional heavy duty cleaner there are a great many cleaners on the market that can be purchased easily at many of the big box stores.
If you have a cleaner that you like and you are satisfied with, don’t go looking for a new one just because somebody told you theirs is better. Find what works for you and stick with it.
Some cleaners work for somethings and not others. Pet stains should be cleaned with an enzyme based cleaner. You can pick them up at the vet, but they are usually expensive, instead places like PetSmart and other pet stores usually carry what you need and for a good price. Some cleaners have a fragrance some do not, some are stronger than others but when you find something you like stick with it.

4. Professional Cleaners
Remember that a professional cleaner has to get past whatever cleaner you used to try and clean a stain before he can get to and remove the original stain. So if you think you have a stain that you need professional help with, don’t use anything on it, just call us. If you have questions or concerns and just need advice remember that most Professional carpet cleaning companies will be more than happy to help you out over the phone.

Thanks for listening.


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