Christmas Cleaning

Every year during the Christmas season we have a number of customers calling and asking if we can clean their carpets right away.  If we can’t get it done today, how about tomorrow first thing in the morning, because its Friday and they are having friends/family/the boss/ over for a dinner Saturday night.  When we tell them we’re booked up and can’t help them they inevitably start phoning all the carpet cleaners in the city until they find one that can meet their time line.

While most of the carpet cleaners in the Edmonton area are professionals, some are not.  Even the very best can sometimes cause problems if you are on a schedule and you get a cleaning done at the wrong time.  Try and plan your carpet cleaning well in advance of that Christmas or New Years get together.  Most carpet cleaners are very busy this time of year and if you’re planning a big party make sure you do more than plan to have the carpets cleaned, book the appointment early.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are having carpets cleaned, stain removal or furniture cleaned any time of the year, but especially at Christmas time.

*Ask if the company is a Better Business Bureau member.  Not all carpet cleaners are BBB members but for those that are you can look at their business rating and see if any complaints have been registered against the firm.  Log into BBB Edmonton and search for the company name.  If a company isn’t a BBB member it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good choice, but being a BBB member allows customers to see how others rate them.

*when you call the cleaner, know what it is you need.  Are you looking to have the entire house cleaned or just a room or two?  Do you need stain removal or furniture cleaned?  It’s hard to add extra things onto the appointment when we are so busy this time of year. Know exactly what you need done and book accordingly.

*Think about cleaning your furniture, especially during the Christmas season when everyone is visiting.  Does your sofa need to be cleaned, freshened up or the dog/cat hair removed?  There is nothing worse than leaving someone’s home with your pants and top covered in dog hair.

*Is the product they use green and environmentally friendly?  Is it odor free, and hypo-allergenic?  Do they use harsh chemicals and soaps?  If the dog/cat hair doesn’t set off an allergic reaction in your guests the chemicals and soaps left in the carpet just might.

*How long will it take to dry?  Drying times are very important, especially if you are working on a tight deadline.  A wet carpet or damp furniture will certainly cause problems if you have a houseful of guests.  They might be able to come and clean the same day as the party, but you will end up with a huge mess if the carpets are not dry by the time everyone arrives.

*Do they have insurance?  With all the small breakable things that come out and the clutter that ensues at Christmas, it’s not hard to have an accident once in a while.  Bad enough if you have that snow angel ornament broken, but what happens if they break your new fifty-two inch TV.  Ask and make sure they are insured.

*Do they up sell once they get in the house?  At EKO we don’t sell any cleaning products, so the price we quote is the price you pay.  Some company’s badger you into spending much more than you bargained for, wanting to sell more products and services than you need or want.  This practice is bad enough during the rest of the year, but at Christmas time with most of us spending lots during the season, it can be even worse.

*Another question to ask is if they have any hidden fees, disposal fees, mileage costs etc.  Know what they charge before you hire.

*Do they guarantee their work?  Whether it’s a last minutes appointment or one that was scheduled weeks before, know what your carpet cleaner will do for you if there is a problem after the work has been done.

These tips are just common sense and most people ask these types of questions as a matter of course.  But if you’re busy running around planning a Christmas party, buying gifts, cooking or any of the myriad of  tasks that the Holidays place in our way, you can sometimes forget, so use this as a reminder of what you need from your carpet cleaner.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Thanks for listening.


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