Being Green, Going Green, Staying Green.

AT EKO we are proud to call ourselves a green company.  Now what does that mean?  Is our equipment colored green?  No.    Are our uniforms green?  No.  Is our paperwork green?  Well yes but it wasn’t by design.  What we at EKO Carpet and Upholstery Care are, is a company that understands that being green is not only a good thing for the environment but is most definitely way we are all going to have to be in the future.  Being a green, environmentally conscious company was more a business decision than anything else.  We understand that people just like us, do not want harsh chemicals or soaps and oils left in their carpets and furniture.  Do not want to live with chemicals in their homes or offices.  So green seemed like the logical choice, it just so happened that in our case that business decision was aligned with our environmental ideals and sentiments. 


When I went into business for myself, one of the first thing I did was to ensure that all our products and equipment were as green as possible.  I spent a lot of time and effort on researching the best natural, environmentally friendly products on the market.  Research that we continue all the time.  When we started we looked at ways to stay as green and environmentally friendly as possible.  One way was to find the right equipment.  We stayed away from using van mounted equipment so that we don’t run gas or diesel engines out of our vans for two or three hours at a time while cleaning, we use electric equipment and try to be as gentle on the environment as possible.

As a member of the Canadian military I was stationed in Europe for several years back in the eighties, yes I am old, and even then the Europeans were recycling and practicing good environmental habits.  We started to recycle and learned a bit about helping the environment and have always maintained those ideals back in Canada. 

On our street most of our neighbours have one or maybe two blue bags out for pick up on garbage day, in fact some only put out a small cardboard box if any at all.  We will usually have three or more blue bags for pick up.  It’s not that we have more stuff or create more garbage; (although sometimes I wonder…) it is because we try to be diligent in separating and collecting our recyclable products.

Often when doing a residential cleaning project or visiting neighbours and friends I see all kinds of recyclables tossed into the garbage.  This is especially true for commercial carpet cleaning jobs, it isn’t unusual to see cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, etc. tossed into the garbage beside a desk, just because it’s easier than getting up and walking over to the recycle bin.  People mean well and they try to recycle whenever they think about it, but they often miss the mark. 

We are the green option for those people who need the work done, want a good job with great service and want to use an environmentally friendly professional carpet cleaner.  More and more you hear people talk about the environment, about Global warming, about the need or desire to go green.  Well at least for carpet cleaning we provide that option.

So when you hear me say we are a “green Company” you have an idea of just why we call ourselves that.


Thanks for listening.


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