6 Tips on Renovation clean-up

With high house prices, and inexpensive rental units few and far between many people are turning to renovations as an affordable means of upgrading their home and raising the value of their investment properties. Exterior renovations, especially in a place like Edmonton are usually done in the summer time leaving a great deal of the interior renovations for the colder months.  This means that there is often a lot of work going on in an enclosed area.  Once all the renovations are complete and all the tradesmen have left, a few problems remain for the homeowner to deal with.


Condo Living Room

Condo Living Room

No matter how scrupulous the contractor has been in cleaning up after their work, it seems there are always a few issues that need to be resolved by the homeowner.  Newly painted walls still have that new paint smell, sawdust, and other particulate matter can get into the most inaccessible of places, onto furniture, the carpet and more.  Pets often take exception to strangers in the house and will often mark their territory in protest.  With half the house being worked on, the other half of the house gets a harder than normal workout.  Not to mention there is always that workshop, newly remodeled smell you get in the house when renovations are complete.


Whether you hire a contractor or are a DIY kinda person here are some tips to help get rid of that smell and ensure that the house is clean here are a few hints and tips.


·        When planning the project with the contractor ask them to use low or no VOC paints and other products to reduce the smell and make the work more environmentally friendly.


·        Before the work begins, take the time to cover up or remove objects that might end up covered in dust, sawdust or face the possibility of getting stained.


·        Replace your furnace filter before the work starts, and then again after it is completed.


·        Install filters in each of your floor vents to help the furnace filter keep the dust out.  Filters can be purchase at any of the main self help stores.


·        Use a Swiffer duster to wipe down the walls, especially the newly painted ones.


·        Roll up and store, or send out to be cleaned any area rugs you have.



Once all that has been done, after all the last minute touchups are completed, then it’s time for the carpet cleaners, even in the winter months, to come in and clean both your carpets and your upholstery.   With quick drying solutions like ours at EKO, cleaning in the winter months is not a problem.  You asked your renovator for low or no VOC products whenever possible and you should be able to expect the same from your carpet cleaning professional.  Not only should you have the carpets and any stain removal done, the upholstery should be done as well.  If you follow these tips when having interior renovations done and once the carpets and furniture are cleaned, the house will be fresh, clean and ready to enjoy.  


Thanks for listening.


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