6 Keys to Identifying a Quality Carpet Cleaner.

Sounds good doesn’t it? 6 “keys” to identifying a quality carpet cleaner.  Really, all I’m talking about here is common sense.  The headline sounds good, but really these tips are things that you should be thinking about every time you look for any service company not just a carpet cleaner.

1.What type of cleaner do you use?   A professional carpet cleaning company should not only be able to tell you what products they use, but why.  We like this one because, this one is better than that one because.  If they don’t know what product they use or they don’t know why they use it, maybe you should take the time to call someone else.

  1. Do you have liability insurance? Not the normal type of question to ask someone, but it is one that should be asked of every service company coming into your home or office. Do you have liability insurance, will you be able to cover any damages that might occur by accident in my home. If I knock over your big screen TV, or smash the glass in your antique china cabinet, do I have the insurance to cover the replacement cost?  If it is a real concern for you, ask for proof of insurance.  If they don’t know or won’t say, make that phone call to another cleaner.
  2. Do you have Workers Compensation Coverage? Are your employee’s covered if they have an accident or hurt themselves while they are working in my home or office? The rules and laws on compensation and who is at fault are changing constantly, you don’t want to get caught up in a battle over compensation just because you needed your carpets cleaned. If you need to ask them for proof of coverage, they should be able to produce it without any problem.
  3. Do you guarantee your work? Let’s face it, this one is a no brainer. If they aren’t willing to, or can’t guarantee their work, do you really want them to come in and do the work?  They might be less expensive than the next guy, but if they aren’t willing to guarantee their work, you are wasting your money.  Always ask for a guarantee and accept nothing less.
  4. Do they have a price guarantee? Now admittedly its hard to give a firm price over the phone, and even I won’t guarantee that the price I quote is the final price. What I will do is explain how we price, what those prices are and guarantee that the customer will not see a different price than the one quoted.  If we quote a price and its wrong we eat the difference, once quoted that price is guaranteed.
  5. Is your staff trained and experienced? Everyone wants experienced, trained professionals to be the ones cleaning their carpets, carpet is a big investment and you don’t want it ruined by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a seasoned professional, or knowledgeable technician, and it is definitely within your rights to request that an experienced technician be the one to clean your carpets.

These are some of the questions you should ask your carpet cleaner or any service company you are thinking of paying your hard earned money to work for you. It’s your house or office, and it’s your money make sure you are getting what you paid for.


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