4 Ways to protect your floor

 Sometimes after you’ve had the furnace guys, the plumber, the appliance or furniture store delivery guys come in, you are left with a mess to clean up.  It can be an inconvenience, after taking time off or rescheduling your day for the delivery, service guy, to have to now arrange carpet cleaning or stain removal.  Whether by accident or neglect home service people can leave carpets and floors in bad shape.

Don’t get me wrong, most service personnel take great pains to clean up after themselves and to ensure that they don’t make any mess in the first place.  But as I said, accidents and negligence does happen and even if the service company is paying for the carpet cleaning or the stain removal, it is still a chore to have to make the appointment and have the cleaning done when you weren’t expecting to.  Maybe you have to take a day off work or reschedule work day or the kid’s sports activities, or maybe you just have to look at the mess until it gets cleaned, but any way you cut it, it can be a pain.  Accidents do happen and can’t always be avoided, but for the most part, messes can be avoided.

 Here are three things you can do to keep from having to call us to clean your carpets.

  Insist that the service guys remove their shoes or wear booties: 

You would think that it’s a no brainer for people coming to your home to perform a service, but not all of them take the time or effort to remove their shoes.  Whenever one of our technicians comes to clean your carpets, he is carrying a clipboard and a pair of clean crocs.  Even though we are cleaning the carpets we don’t wear our outside shoes.  If the service guys argue that they need to keep them on, remind them that they are not there to do you a favour, but that they are being paid to do a job.  Whether their company says they will pay for the cleaning or not, insist that they remove their shoes.






Use drop cloths to protect the floor:

Painters, carpenters, plumbers, gasfitters and furnace guys all carry parts and equipment in and out of the home and a drop cloth will help keep floors clean and protected.  I cringe when I see people walk on plastic because it can be very slippery, even on carpet.  Cardboard can pick up and hold rocks, staples or nails and can scratch the floor surface.  Drop cloths are much better, safer to walk on and can be folded up with the dirt, sawdust or paint on the inside so it won’t get on the floor when the cloth is removed. 

 Move your stuff:

If you are having work done around the house, protect your things by moving them out of the way.  I have been in homes that are so crowded with nick nacks, pictures, area rugs, vases and other decorative things that I was afraid to move for fear of breaking something.   When the service guys show up, if everything is moved out of the way it will make it much easier for them to do their job and not break anything special.  I have said this before, even though we take care when moving your things, we won’t do it with the same care and neatness that you will.

 Speak up:

This is the one that for some reason people don’t do enough of.  I don’t know if people are afraid they will hurt someone’s feelings or start an argument or why it is, but most people tend not to speak up when they see a problem.  If the guys working in your house are making a mess or doing something that could cause and accident, say something.  All too often people are reluctant to say something or force the issue.  Remember that 99% of the guys doing service work are professionals and they are more than willing to listen and act on your concerns.  But if they don’t know there is a problem, they can’t fix it.  So speak up and let them know there is a problem and they will fix it.

 Remember, that with a little effort from both the homeowner and the service company, it is easy to keep your floors protected, and help you avoid having to call us after the fact to fix the mess.

 ThaR and Mnks for listening.

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